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Used Cars for Sale in Hampstead NH

I am a customer and leather repair vendor to Route 111 Auto Sales.  I’m familiar with Joe the sales manager.  I’m familiar with how he wishes to treat his customers, how he treated me, and with the quirky but wonderful upgraded services he offers.  At no extra charge, this man gives a free tank of fuel, new rugs or mats on the automobile floor.

I don’t call car dealerships which”send vehicle to shop to get all work done, before offering for sale” an upgrade.  Some car dealerships do that, but they, like Joe, at Route 111 Auto Sales, are the rare exception and are “The better car dealerships”.

That’s a big part of why I am nominating one of my favorite car dealerships, to get attention online.  I want used car buyers in NH to know about my friend Joe, who took such good care of me, when I bought a car from him!!

I also consider it essential that used cars in Plaistow area, or Hampstead and Derry NH be very clean inside and outside.  The car dealerships near Lowell Massachusetts and Salem NH are very competitive.  Not having clean cars for sale would slow the sales for real, so sad.  Route 111 used trucks and cars seem cleaner than most New England and NH car dealerships!

Best of all, Joe finds a lot of low priced vehicles, and he loves to be the car dealership in Hampstead NH, with the lowest priced used cars in the city.

I’m Joe’s customer, Scott.  I’ll buy from Route 111 Auto Sales of Hampstead again.  I suggest next time you need a used car in Southern NH, give Joe a try.  I like my Route 111 used car, a Buick Lesabre.  I bought it two years ago, for my newly licensed high school driver!