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How to Inspect Used Cars for Sale Without Mechanic

Used Cars for Sale in New Hampshire
Used cars for sale at New Hampshire car dealerships

in 2018, there is a growing necessity and demand for cars.  A reliable car for daily use is extremely important in an individual’s everyday life, especially if the daily activities require a lot of commuting and traveling.


So, buying used cars can be very feasible, relative to buying from new cars for sale… especially to those who have limited budgets. Actually, buying a used car, say, 2 to 4-year old cars will definitely save an individual as much as 25% to 50% when compared to buying a new vehicle, due to depreciation.


But, not all used cars are alike.  Some require extra maintenance, like timing belt renewal.  Some used cars are not being maintained on the correct level. Hence, it is important to know the proper way to choose used cars and the details to look for when buying one.


I can think of 100 reasons not to buy a car without having any mechanic look at it.  With all the many tips that are being offered in the arena of buying used cars, checking the condition of the used car is the best tip ever.  Another great tip is to bring a mechanic friend with you, to inspect the used cars for sale.  But, if that is not possible…


Here’s a PARTIAL list of the things to be checked before buying any used car:


  1. Exterior check


Buyers should check on the exterior portion of used cars and trucks of interest. Look at alignment of body panels, which should be consistent in distance from each other.  Inspect the paint, and look for dents. Buyers should take note if there are any rusty places present on the exterior body of used trucks, cars, and SUV’s alike.


Used car buyers should also make certain that the car is level when inspecting it. It should not sag to one side. If it does that is an indication of frame or spring damage. The tires should be well inflated and the lights should be in good condition.


Buyers should also check the other outer parts of the car like the disc brakes, the glass, the wheel rims, etc.


  1. Interior check


It is best if the buyer inspects the interior portion of used cars for things like its odor, the controls, the seats and the seat covers, and the pedal rubber. Everything should still be in working condition.  Make sure it does not have a  check engine code.  Bring an OBD reader tool with you, and be sure all “stations are up”, or monitors are ready.  That means if there is a check engine code, it would light the dashboard warning.


  1. The air-conditioning unit of the car should be working well.  Hold your breath when you turn it on. Usually, if a vehicle has been sitting in an inventory of used trucks and cars for a while, a bunch of dirt flies out when you turn it on.  It honestly could fly up and hit you in the face, so you may want to wear glasses 😉


  1. Trunk check


The trunk is often a most neglected part of any used car. Hence, it is important to know if this car has a trunk area, which is still in good condition. It should never show any sign of rust accumulation and water entry due to holes and cracks.  Your nose can alert you to musty smells, possibly from mildew, resulting from a leak.  A leaky trunk decreases the value of used cars for sale, anywhere.  Used trucks sometimes have storage compartments built into the running board area.  Open them up, be sure they aren’t all rusted out.  Is the edge of the deck lid, aka trunk lid rusting?


  1. The under hood test


Buyers of used cars should be aware of the wiring, fluids, belts, hoses, battery, and radiator of his car-to-be. It should not show any signs of damage, rust, or dents.


After evaluating the above, before you decide which particular particular used car or truck it is which you like, next you will do a test drive. In fact, it is one of the most important check-up in order to ensure the efficiency of the used car.  Great idea is to take it to a trusted mechanic for inspection and their recommendation.   I know the article is about not bringing the used car to a mechanic, but that’s the rub.  It’s never a bad idea to visit a mechanic friend while out on your test drive.

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